Stuff I've made re...well, okay, not recently, but since I last posted

Starting with Halloween 2015. Ivy is a Pokemon, a Skitty. Maggie is a character from Heroes of the Storm, Sergeant Hammer, who is a specificated StarCraft tank.

halloween 2015-m promotion 2822.JPG
halloween 2015-m promotion 2819.JPG
halloween 2015-m promotion 2830.JPG

Outfits for the school Daughter Dance. The theme was Cowgirls. Ivy has a dress made of a cute rodeo print, while Maggie has a gingham skirt and kerchief. They both wanted vests too.

halloween 2015-m promotion 2856.JPG

My brother-in-law got married in August. Ivy was the flower girl and Maggie was a Junior Bridesmaid. The theme was "western" and the colors were lavender and yellow, so I drafted an old-fashioned-ish pattern with a double-layered skirt.


And Halloween 2016. This time they both went for Pokemon characters: Maggie a henchman for Team Rocket (the antagonists), and Ivy an Eevee. I also made them Pokeball treat bags.

cousins and halloween 2016 601.JPG
cousins and halloween 2016 597.JPG
Millie bento

Weekly-ish craft post: another Easter dress

So here are both girls in their Easter dresses. Both had the same style, but they each picked a different pink calico for the edge details. The pattern is from I am Cute Dresses, the "I am Sassy Sundress" design, scaled down to fit my little girls and modified to have an elastic waistband instead of a drawstring. You can also see Maggie's hair clip pretty clearly, though Ivy's headband is on the opposite side of her head and therefore not visible. Collapse )
Caroler bento

Weekly craft post: Daddy pants upcycled to kid jumper

rainfletcher offered me a pair of rather frayed pants and I finally got around to doing something with them. I cut off the legs, opened them flat, then seamed the edges together. Used the waistband for a halter strap and added some elastic to the top back edge to help shape it a bit (though I feel like maybe I need to add a couple of darts too--maybe later). It buttons with a dinosaur button for extra Maggie flair. Collapse )
carousel family

Weekly crafty post: Halloween costumes

I can't believe I forgot to post these back in November. I fail at life.

Uncle Mike gave each of the girls a play lightsaber so I suggested that they be Jedi for Halloween.

I made a a pretty ordinary Tattooine-type Jedi outfit for Ivy. Maggie, however, wanted something more like a Jedi Consular from the Old Republic video game, so I pored over screenshots and made something that looked similar to one of the armor sets from that.

Getting them to pose as if they were fighting was surprisingly difficult. :P

Collapse )
Jinkx Day of the Dead

Weekly crafty post: work-in-progress hairbows

Ivy's Daisy troop is having a Valentine exchange at their meeting this week. I'm making each girl a Valentine with a hairbow and the words "You are BOW-tiful."

They're partially assembled at the moment; I need to put the rest together and do some tidying/arranging to make sure they all look nice, and add the clips onto the back. Collapse )